Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching


True leadership is more than the title you hold, it's how you think, act, communicate, and inspire. Today, smart businesses recognize the importance of cultivating leadership qualities in all employees in order to create a successful enterprise.

Employee Development

Employee Development


Learning is a fundamental element for success. By providing seminars, workshops, and one-on-one guidance, we not only increase the value of your team, we strengthen your operational excellence.

The Success Factor:

The Success Factor:


Your EQ affects how you manage your behavior, interact socially, and make the important decisions that determine your success. Our EQ Assessment and Development coaching can cultivate the champion in you.

Coaching By Karen

Coaching By Karen

Introductory Video

Professional athletes and performers know the advantages of working with a coach. Achieve your personal and professional goals with Coaching By Karen.

Need A Speaker?

Need A Speaker?

Karen Is A Crowd Favorite!

Karen provides Keynote Addresses, Presentations & Workshops for all business groups.

MY PHILOSOPHY: I believe that when we follow our dreams, use our natural strengths, and continue to work on our weaknesses, our life and work become filled to the brim with wealth, joy and contentment. It has been my experience that what people desire most is to be truly happy and to make a positive difference in the world.

Each person has the ability to succeed and create the life they want. By better understanding ourselves, we can more fully understand and relate to others, and every aspect of life involves interactions.

I am honored to coach and guide people to uncover the assets they possess, and assist them in attaining their goals in ways they'd never be able to do alone.
MY PROCESS: As a coach who wants to provide every client with the most beneficial guidance, I start with an informal introductory session. The purpose of this session is three fold: To find out if coaching is the right path, to find out if I'm the right coach, and lastly to find out if the client is the right fit for us.

Once a client engages our coaching services, we create a coaching plan that will provide the best options for them including the number of sessions per month, dates and times. Each client pays the 1st of the month for the upcoming month, and we solidify the times/days desired.
  • Certified Master Coach Practitioner®
  • Certified Hypnolinguistic Practitioner®
  • Certified Master Coach Trainer®
  • Certified Intrinsic Coach® (CIC)
  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
  • Certified Professional Motivators Analyst
  • Certified Professional Emotional Intelligence Analyst
  • Certified Health Education Specialist
  • Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS)
  • CLIENT TYPES: Our coaching services are applicable for anyone working in any type of industry. We work with all levels of employees from CEO's and managers to administrative and support personnel. Additionally, we offer individual coaching, workshops and classes designed to facilitate personal growth for professional development.

    Whether you have a business that would benefit from increased communication, organization, problem solving, or team building, or you're an individual interested in overcoming obstacles that have been keeping you from reaching your full potential, we provide customized and comprehensive coaching to assist you.
    LOCATION: Corporate Coaching services are provided both at the business site and our Jacksonville Beach office, depending on the type and depth of coaching.

    Keynote, conference and other speaking engagements can be delivered anywhere in the world, and web-based meetings and consultations are also available.
    Feb. 14-15, 2019
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    MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING TRAINING: The Perfect Training For Health Professionals Who Care!


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