Creating A Culture Of Solutions

    By Teri A. Coutu Business Consultant   Over the past few months, business leaders have been tasked with a multitude of challenges. Many were faced with finding ways to maintain productivity as staff worked from home, while others were forced to evaluate if they could remain open amidst COVID restrictions. As States try […]

How To Solve All Your Problems

    By Karen D. Nutter Executive Coach   The world is pretty crazy right now, isn’t it? People are worried about their health, safety, freedoms, finances, and so much more all at one monumental time. As these challenges continue to invade our daily lives, it’s not uncommon for our fight or flight response to […]

Are You Ready To Return?

    What’s In Your Personal Return Plan?   By Karen Nutter, Executive Coach   How are you feeling? Are you angry? Afraid? Sad? Ashamed? Happy? All the above? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably been through an emotional roller coaster over the past two months. There has been SO much change in a […]

Having Trouble Accomplishing Your Goals?

Get Out Of Your Own Way!   By Executive Coach, Karen Nutter   Do you ever feel like your life and career are just going in circles? I can promise you, you’re not alone. Many of the smartest, most talented, skilled, and educated people have trouble accomplishing their goals and creating the success they desire. […]

Staying Motivated

Motivation – The general desire or willingness of someone to do something As most of you know, I believe very strongly in – and have written a book about – the power of emotional intelligence. EQ is the basis for so much of what I do in my coaching work, and sharing it with others […]

What You Should Know About Being And Staying Motivated

This is the time of year when millions of kids are either going back to school or going for the very first time, and summer will soon be a memory. For weeks, parents have been getting ready – buying clothes, supplies, and dorm room necessities, while students are experiencing a variety of emotions as they […]

Can You Spare A Little Change?

There has been a lot of talk, fear, and speculation about the changes that our country, and the world, will experience as a result of the Presidential election. A large number of people are feeling spent as they fight the changes, or fight the people fighting the changes. Now, I could quote numerous cliches about change […]

How Do You Feel?

It’s a pretty simple question, really, but many people have a hard time answering. Yet, being able to identify your feelings/emotions is a critical step in managing them. And, in professional situations how you manage your emotions can be the difference between getting promoted and getting fired. At one of my recent workshops a man […]

Are You A Good Communicator?

Communication – the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc. to someone else. ( Today’s world often seems like it’s filled with communication-overload. Phone, email, text, signs, billboards, television, Internet…there is a plethora of communication occurring 24/7/365. Yet, one […]

Is Executive Coaching Right For You?

If you’ve been wondering if executive or lifestyle skills coaching is right for you, Coach Karen Nutter helps you determine 3 aspects of coaching: If she’s the right coach for you If you’re the right client for her If coaching is right for you Selecting a coach is an important step, and applying due diligence […]