Employee Development


Helping Your Team Through Turbulent Times

Managing your stress and theirs   By Karen D. Nutter, CBK Chief Inspiration Officer   Every team leader I have spoken to over the past few weeks has expressed concern over the on-going challenges caused by COVID-19. Some businesses are struggling to re-open under new health and safety guidelines. Others are trying to determine how […]

Staying On Track While Working Remotely

  By: Teri A. Coutu CBK Creative Director   Unlike many people, my life has not changed much since the onset of COVID-19. For the past 8 years I have worked remotely from home, aboard a boat while doing The Great Loop, and from an RV traveling to/from Florida, Prince Edwards Island, and Phoenix. As […]

How To Be A Superhero

Interacting with people is complicated. We never truly know what another person is thinking, how they will interpret our words, or which emotions they are experiencing. And, while there are several behavioral cues which can tell us a lot about how someone likes to communicate and interact, the bottom line is that the only person […]

Building Stronger Human Resources in 2020

Humans are an interesting species. We think, feel, communicate, and act in ways no other living thing does, and that can make us compatible and very challenging at the same time. If you look up synonyms for “human”, you get a list including “mortal,” “individual,” “civilized,” “fallible,” “forgivable,” and “vulnerable.” Looking at these characteristics, it’s […]

Want A More Productive Team?

Do This!   By Executive Coach, Karen Nutter   No matter what business you are in, if you and your team are not productive, the company isn’t going to get very far. However, most leaders will tell you that they have tried everything and can’t find a way to motivate their employees to get the […]

What’s Your Company’s Higher Purpose?

Higher Purpose = Higher Returns By Executive Coach, Karen Nutter   There has been a lot of publicity lately about how employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. And, when you consider the high cost of employee turnover combined with the high demand for quality employees, smart businesses are looking for ways to retain their […]

How DISC Can Help Your Business Succeed

(Not to mention how it can impact you personally!)   By Executive Coach, Karen D. Nutter   The first time I heard about DISC Assessments, a colleague was telling me about her employer who had everyone on her team do the assessment, and she learned she was a “High I” and “that explains everything about […]

How Do You Really Know Who You’re Hiring?

  By Executive Coach, Karen Nutter Last year, I received a call from a healthcare institution that had a department that wasn’t producing the results expected of them. Individually, each member of the team was more than capable, but together they were generally ineffective, and not providing the level of service desired. We developed a […]

Too Big, Too Small, Too Loose, Too Tight, Or Just Right?

How do you ensure a good fit between the right job, employee, and corporate culture?   By Executive Coach, Karen Nutter   I can’t tell you how many times I have spoken to HR Managers who are frustrated because the “Perfect employee” they hired six months ago isn’t living up to the expectations of the […]

Is Your Corporate Culture Healthy?

By Executive Coach Karen Nutter Corporate culture has been a hot topic for several years, and top CEO’s have started investing in measures aimed at attracting and retaining quality employees by offering such things as in-office espresso bars, private chefs, and unlimited vacation time. But, corporate culture is more than just great perks, it is […]