Hiring Smart


Are You Hiring What The Job Truly Needs?

Benchmarking Can Help You Build A Better Business   By Karen D. Nutter Executive Coach Recently, I was on a call with some local business owners who have made it through the “COVID crash” and are now expanding their teams. While the talent market is brimming with eager job-seekers, many business leaders are taking a […]

How Do You Really Know Who You’re Hiring?

  By Executive Coach, Karen Nutter Last year, I received a call from a healthcare institution that had a department that wasn’t producing the results expected of them. Individually, each member of the team was more than capable, but together they were generally ineffective, and not providing the level of service desired. We developed a […]

Too Big, Too Small, Too Loose, Too Tight, Or Just Right?

How do you ensure a good fit between the right job, employee, and corporate culture?   By Executive Coach, Karen Nutter   I can’t tell you how many times I have spoken to HR Managers who are frustrated because the “Perfect employee” they hired six months ago isn’t living up to the expectations of the […]