The Business Perspective

Listen in as Executive Coach, Karen Nutter, is interviewed for The Business Perspective podcast. The podcast is hosted by Sarah McAllister, a financial professional with NY LIfe Securities, LLC. In each episode, she speaks with different business owners who have a “business specialty” and discusses how they became successful. By the end of each episode, […]

Procrastinating Again?

Are you a procrastinator? There are many different reasons people procrastinate, and often, simply recognizing why you procrastinate can help overcome your delay tactics. Listen in as Coach Karen Nutter shares some of the characteristics of procrastinators, and see if you can identify why relate most to you. Don’t delay – listen now!     […]

Create Success

S.U.C.C.E.S.S. There isn’t one way to achieve success, there are MANY! Listen in as Corporate Coach, Karen Nutter, shares examples of how to create success in your life. Select a couple examples to focus on and emulate for the next month and see how much more successful your life becomes.      

Do You Have The Edge?

If someone asks you if you have “the edge” how would you answer? Are you doing what you need in order to develop your skills, expand your influence, and create a successful life? Corporate coach, Karen Nutter, offers 7 tips on how you can develop “the edge” that will help put you out in front of […]

Self-Regulation Tips

Few people, if any, are able to consistently manage their emotions, words, and behaviors. This Audio Coach podcast helps explain why we have trouble with self-regulation, and offers some self-regulation tips for those times when your abilities may be waning. Self-regulation is an important part of emotional intelligence (EQ) and can be the difference between […]

Where’s Your Motivation?

Where’s your motivation? Is it high, low, extinct? Do you know why  you are more motivated some days than others? There are six key motivators that affect each person in varying degrees, and if you know which factors motivate you most, it can help you find and create a more successful lifestyle. Listen in as […]

Get No Respect?

Do you often feel like you “don’t get no respect?” Rodney Dangerfield wasn’t the only one feeling that way, many people suffer with feelings of being disrespected. However, respect starts with YOU. If you don’t respect yourself, why would anyone else respect you? Listen in as Corporate Coach, Karen Nutter, shares ideas and tips on […]

Know A Bully

Do you know a bully at work or home? Are YOU a bully at work or home? There are some things you can do to help offset the bully attitude whether it’s coming at you or coming from you. Listen in as Coach Karen Nutter shares some insights into how to overcome the bully in […]

Love And Leadership

Love and Leadership may seem like very separate topics, but did you know that often the best leaders are great lovers? Leadership is more than balancing the budget and planning for the future, it’s about connecting with people and creating a warm, productive environment that inspires people to do their best. Listen in as Executive […]


Do you know what it takes to be a great leader? There are key leadership characteristics that can help you and your team if you apply them daily. Listen in and find out how you can go from good to GREAT by applying the acronym L.E.A.D.E.R.