The Power of EQ


Are Your Social Skills Helping or Hurting Your Business?

Are Your Social Skills Helping or Hurting Your Business?

I’m sure you all know by now that Emotional Intelligence starts with awareness of your own emotions and those of others. And awareness of the emotions of others, or social awareness, begins with empathy, which was discussed at length in my last newsletter. Now, I’d like to talk about social skills, which is how we…

Why Your Company Needs EQ Training

Are you one of the many companies considering EQ training for your staff but you’re not sure it’s worth the investment? Have you heard about the successes other companies have enjoyed with EQ coaching and wondered how it could benefit your own business? Quite simply, an employee who feels understood and appreciated in the workplace…

Self Awareness. Do You Have It?

Are you self-aware? In my June newsletter, I talked about self-regulation, which is also one of the core intra-personal competencies of emotional intelligence. In order to practice self-regulation and then motivation, you must first embrace self-awareness, which is not so easily accomplished. And you need all three in order to develop the strong inter-personal competencies…

What EQ Training Can Do for Your Team

What can an EQ training do for your company? The payoff for a company for paying attention to EQ is lower work turnover.

What the Power of EQ Book Offers

Are you an individual looking for solutions or a business professional looking to empower your employees? In my recent book “The Power of EQ,” I systematically show you how to create the future you envision.
Do You Self-Regulate?

Do You Self-Regulate?

First, let me give you a little context here so you can see where Self-regulation fits into a bigger plan. Emotional Intelligence, as I discuss in my book, focuses primarily on these five dimensions, or competencies: INTRA-personal Self-awareness Self-regulation Motivation INTER-personal Empathy Social Skills The first three are considered intra-personal and take place within us,…

The Power of EQ Preview

The Power of EQ Preview is here! Catch a sneak peek of all the tips you need to enhance your emotional intelligence. Click on the book to enter full-screen and see what is coming up!   Learn more about the book here Purchase now from Amazon

Have You Got The Edge?

Everybody would like to have an edge over their competition. Athletes, businesses, executives, colleges, and even cities strive to be the best at something. I want to share some suggestions on how you can get an edge without too much trouble. These ideas, when put into place, will be YOU taking action.  YOU really are…

What’s Your Value?

Your value to a group can’t be measured with a ruler or yardstick. There’s not even an iPhone app for it! Value can’t be measured at all. In this instance as it relates to people, business and relationships, I am referring to the worth and importance you bring. I often initially see clients because they…