Thoughts And Observations


Why You Need To Give Back To Move Forward

  By Executive Coach, Karen D. Nutter   As we approach the kickoff to the holiday season, it’s a good time for all businesses to take inventory. I’m not talking about counting everything in the stock room, or double-checking your financials, this is a time when business professionals should be looking at how much they […]

What Success And Rainy Days Have In Common

  By Executive Coach, Karen D. Nutter   I was at a meeting recently when I overheard two women talking about how difficult life has become, and how everyone in their lives seem to be in major turmoil, themselves included. One of the women said she couldn’t get ahead in her career because she was […]

Want A More Productive Team?

Do This!   By Executive Coach, Karen Nutter   No matter what business you are in, if you and your team are not productive, the company isn’t going to get very far. However, most leaders will tell you that they have tried everything and can’t find a way to motivate their employees to get the […]

Having Trouble Accomplishing Your Goals?

Get Out Of Your Own Way!   By Executive Coach, Karen Nutter   Do you ever feel like your life and career are just going in circles? I can promise you, you’re not alone. Many of the smartest, most talented, skilled, and educated people have trouble accomplishing their goals and creating the success they desire. […]

Understanding WHY We Do What We Do

  Engaging our motivators   By Executive Coach, Karen D. Nutter   Recently, I was in a meeting with CEOs from several local companies, all of whom were sharing concerns about employees who were not meeting the requirements of the job. Some employees were newly hired, while others had been on the team for a […]

What’s Your Company’s Higher Purpose?

Higher Purpose = Higher Returns By Executive Coach, Karen Nutter   There has been a lot of publicity lately about how employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. And, when you consider the high cost of employee turnover combined with the high demand for quality employees, smart businesses are looking for ways to retain their […]

Achieve More

Two ingredients to accomplish your goals   By Executive Coach, Karen D. Nutter Do you know anyone who wouldn’t like to achieve more? It seems everyone I know would like to achieve more success, more love, more recognition, or more peace in their life. Many people have great ideas, and great intentions of turning those […]

Close The Sale

Read Your Buyer’s Signals   By: Executive Coach, Karen D. Nutter Before I found my true passion in Executive Coaching, I spent many years as the VP of Sales and Marketing for a national company. One of the most important things I learned along the way, which served me well, was that people are more […]

A More Fulfilling Life

    By Executive Coach, Karen D. Nutter   Every week I talk to countless people who are striving to create a more fulfilling life for themselves. Some want to make more money, others want more time with their family, and some are looking for that special someone with whom they can build their life. […]

How DISC Can Help Your Business Succeed

(Not to mention how it can impact you personally!)   By Executive Coach, Karen D. Nutter   The first time I heard about DISC Assessments, a colleague was telling me about her employer who had everyone on her team do the assessment, and she learned she was a “High I” and “that explains everything about […]