Finding The Right Job For You

    By Teri A. Coutu Business Consultant   Every day, I hear from a colleague, friend or family member about how COVID has upset their work-life and financial stability. Whether they have been living in fear that they will be furloughed, or they’re entering their sixth month of being unemployed, most everyone I know […]

Getting Comfortable With Criticism

“Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” ~ Aristotle   By Executive Coach, Karen Nutter Sometimes it feels like everyone is a critic. Our highly-engaged, social media, instant-response society gives everyone a voice about everything we do, and it can be difficult to take. Add to that […]

Do We Have To?

Remember high school and college, and how some teachers based most of your grade on a team project? Remember how there was always a slacker on the team that everyone else had to cover for? Remember how frustrating it was to try getting everyone to agree on how best to complete the project? Didn’t you […]

Are You A Win-Win Person?

When working with other people, different companies, or even during your interactions with family and friends, are you a win-win person? Do you generally believe there are options that will work for everyone? Or do  you think you need to get your share because there is a limited supply? Win-win people are more likely to […]

How To Be More Consistent

In my March newsletter I talked about the importance of consistency in leadership, and how people – both professional and personal acquaintances – respond best when your behavior is consistent. Some of the reasons consistency is so important is because it creates accountability. People learn and emulate steady, reliable behaviors and attitudes. When you think […]

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You’re Awesome!

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Share Yourself

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New Opportunities

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