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Change: The Needed Alternative

Change: The Needed Alternative

“Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster” Elon Musk


By Corporate Coach, Michael Steele

We are well into 2018, working our Vision, Outcomes and Goals. It is important that we review those goals and make sure our activities and behaviors are in alignment. As professionals, we may have become too comfortable with routines in our daily lives and business practice. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Simply changing our goals for the new year, and keeping our same activities and behaviors, limits our opportunities for success. Change is required to grow and improve.

Here are two important questions to ask yourself what to change:

  • What are the consequences of the change?
  • What are the consequences of not making the change?

As a way to illustrate the change process, let’s identify a goal for 2018 and go through the change process.

      • Monitor behavior and understand the process. We do not want to change for change sake. It will be important to keep track of our progress and where we are in relation to our goal. “Am I getting the most out of my workout and moving up in my strength training and improvement in my cardio?” The visits to your sales reps in the field – are they more productive, what is their feedback? It is important to gather feedback as well as look at what the numbers are telling you. It is all part of the process.
      • Appreciate the process and the path. What was accomplished in these visits? As you look to grow your business, what could be changed in these visits to the Reps in the field to be more effective? “What could I do at my workouts in the Gym to make them more worthwhile for the time spent?” Each part of the new process can be viewed and appreciated for what is and it’s potential. With some change and improvement along the way, success is likely.
      • Keep the process simple and prepare for problems. Each goal has its issues. Build a simple process that is repeatable and scalable. Follow the process each time, allowing for unplanned stuff that always happens. Let’s look at your business goal to increase sales. You have a goal to visit your sales team in the field, 1x per month. That was your goal last year. What will you do different? You have 14 people throughout the region. Take time to plan your calendar and create efficient visits each trip. What were the issues and how can you avoid them this going forward? There will be problems. Allow time for those issues.
      • Be realistic in the outcomes and goals you have set and targeted. You will clearly see the target when you break down the process. If the goals are unrealistic it will create, or increase, fear and possibly paralyze your efforts. “Could I get to the gym 7 days a week?” If not, make it realistic. The goals are yours and flexible. They should be changed to fit the situation and keep you in a healthy striving mode.
      • Break our goal down into small steps. For example, my goal of working out on a regular basis is way too broad. Working out for me requires going to the gym. I need to get up 3 week days and 1 weekend day and get to the gym by 6:00am. Be specific. On a business front, you want to increase sales in your region by 12%. You have 14 sales reps throughout your region. How are you going to break that down into bite size pieces?
      • Practice and repetition are always necessary for success. We will not get it right the first time and that is a great way to learn and adjust. Change is not supposed to be easy. The more we accept that fact the better we can feel about the process of change. Whether it’s my getting up in the morning and going to the gym or scheduling the monthly visits to your sales reps, it takes time to learn and gain expertise. Good habits are built through time, mistakes, adjustments, and monitoring of the process.
      • Celebrate and enjoy the success and reward the victories. As you achieve the success, each day, week, or month, celebrate those big and little victories. Those victories and small successes keep you moving toward the bigger outcomes and goals. Use and enjoy the wins.

Each of these change concepts connect to your VISION we wrote about last month. Victories- Intuition-Self- awareness- Integrity- Open to ideas- No excuses.

So, look for the changes you need to reach the outcomes you have set, and work the program.  Enjoy your success in 2018.


Michael Steele has used his basketball coaching experience to create winning teams in business and finance. He offers a unique perspective to business leaders and team members looking for the “win.” Click here for more info on Michael.