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Create The Vision, Build The Momentum

Create The Vision, Build The Momentum

Create The Vision, Build The Momentum

Now is the time to create the vision and build the momentum for 2018!


By Corporate Coach, Michael Steele

The excitement of 2018 and the New Year is upon us!  Plans have been made and goals set and in place for the past 3 weeks. The ultimate questions are; “How many of the goals and resolutions are still active?  Are you holding yourself accountable? ‘

According to the time management firm, Franklin Covey, over one-third of the resolutions will have been abandoned by the end of January. The studies from the University of Scranton have shown most people have given up on 65% of resolutions by June and less than 10% make it through the year-end.

What can make the difference for us this year? How can this year be different from all the other years? First, let’s start with a VISION instead of just goals. We need to get clear on the planning process for both our business and personal visions.

What are you seeing, dreaming or imagining for 2018?
“A leader’s clear vision is a powerful tool for creating significant value for any organization or individual,” writes Paul Kiel, CEO Coach and author of the book, “Return on Character.” To help me stay the course with my Vision, I built an acronym that embodies what is important to keep me grounded and growing towards my vision and outcomes. Each day, working with a true understanding and belief in these concepts, my Vision is more than a set of numbers or bullet points, it breathes and lives!

    • V is for Victories to celebrate each day, week, and month that will add up to fulfill your ultimate success. Think big and think fun.
    •  I is for the Intuition. Work and prepare, then trust your intuition. Think back on how many times intuition was the right play – the reason, you were prepared. Trust it.
    • S is for Self-awareness. Take time this year to reflect on both the wins and losses and your feelings at those moments.  Be aware of the positive and negative emotions that are affecting all facets of life, in both your business and relationships. They are all connected and opportunities for growth.
    • I is for Integrity. Integrity toward your clients and your employees is critical in your vision for 2018. The vision for success is all inclusive and needs input and belief in leadership, and the Vision from the entire team.  
    • O is for Open to new ideas from people inside and outside the organization. Creating opportunities for team members to add their best ideas to the organization builds trust and buy-in to the Vision.
    • N is for NO excuses. NOW is the time to make things happen and put excuses and delays aside.


This year, I propose to try something new and slightly different in our thought process when creating our 2018 vision and plan. Michael Port, renowned coach/author of the “Book Yourself Solid System,” talks about putting in a 90-day goal setting program. Michael talks in terms of vision and outcomes. The 90-day vision keeps focus and momentum in play so we do not lose touch with our vision. A singular, annual goal becomes too distant and many lose focus and interest early in the process. But, the 90-day system creates momentum recognizing successes in our short and intermediate victories.

So, what is your vision for 2018? 
What are the Big 3-5 outcomes that you want to achieve in your 1) Business Life 2) Personal Life 3) Heath & Wellness 4) Personal relationships 5) Community/ Spiritual Life.

To lead and live with a vision requires us to identify areas of our lives that are important and where we have a true passion. Next, we must define the outcomes to achieve over the next 90 days that starts us on that path.  As we implement and succeed, changing and altering when necessary we will be creating the momentum towards success. The momentum will carry through the following 90 days with our next set of outcomes. Each quarter will build on the last as we move through the year. We are accountable to ourselves, our partners, employees, customers and those who share our Vision.

Do you accept the challenge that your 2018’s Vision is more than a set of numbers? Make this your challenge for your personal and professional growth in 2018 and have a great year!

 “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” Steve Jobs

Michael Steele has used his basketball coaching experience to create winning teams in business and finance. He offers a unique perspective to business leaders and team members looking for the “win.” Click here for more info on Michael.