Understanding how a person does what they do 


DISC is the universal language of observable behavior. It explains how a person does what they do, and is based on 4 main behavioral styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

Using a scientific instrument of assessment, each respondent is scored and measured on each individual component of DISC, based on their answers to specific questions. The resulting report provides detailed information as to the behavioral makeup of the individual, and offers insights for communication, their value to the organization, and how to address and overcome challenge areas.

DISC explains how you do what you do using 4 behavioral styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness & Compliance.

The Benefits Of Using DISC In Business


DISC can help you match a person's primary behavioral styles with the requirements of the job, and the fit within the team and corporate culture.


When individuals understand each other more fully, they create a team that is more empathetic, communicative, and productive. Understanding DISC helps bridge differences.


People do business with people they relate to and trust. DISC helps employees recognize customer behavioral styles so they can communicate effectively.

DISC Workshops & Assessments

DISC Workshops & Assessments

We offer individual and team DISC Assessments, and provide interactive workshops that not only teach you about DISC, but how best to use it in your professional and personal life.

Buyer's Signals Workshop

Buyer's Signals Workshop

Close More Sales

Quickly becoming one of our most requested workshops, participants learn to use DISC to read and respond to customers and close more sales.

LIVE DISC Facilitator Training

LIVE DISC Facilitator Training

Become Certified in DISC

Our 2-day DISC and Motivators Facilitator Training teaches you to use DISC and Motivators Assessments in business. 12 SHRM PDC's are provided through this training, too!

Online DISC Facilitator Training

Online DISC Facilitator Training

Training at your convenience

A fantastic online training that breaks down DISC education into easy-to-understand video modules. This training prepares you to take the exam to become certified in DISC.

If you would like more information on any of our DISC Trainings or Services, please Contact Us.

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