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Business Coach 

Meet Michael

Michael looks to bring his experience in management, coaching, and teaching to his practice as a coach and facilitator. Working both with individuals and corporate groups, Michael brings his experiences to our EQ and Effective Workplace programs.

“The theme to my career and life is constant and never ending improvement."

I first heard that phrase listening to Tony Robbins as I was managing 25 salespeople in the 90’s, trying to improve myself so I could help others and share the music of success.

Coaching college basketball after graduating from Jacksonville University in 1978 was an incredible foundation for my business, and now my coaching career.

Being associated with some of the top college and high school coaches in the country, drawing from their knowledge of the way people learn, react to loss or success, and the importance of breaking things down to teach and learn were great lessons in my life.

My experience in financial services sales and management as the industry grew and morphed into the complex giant that is today, allowed me to grow as a manager.

“People want to be heard, they want someone to listen and recognize that they have something to say."

Taking those ideas and adding others is what a good manager and coach does. The game plan is only a part of the process. It’s the training and the execution by the players that win game.

The time I spent as a professional caddie on one of the most famous courses in America has opened my eyes to the fact that we are all so unique, yet have so much in common. Each day, I met and worked with a variety of people. As we talked they shared ideas and experiences, I discovered we all have common goals of happiness and security, but we all had different ways to achieve those goals - each one special in their own crazy way. That is the joy of people, and coaching.



  • ACC, Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst - DISC
  • Member of International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Goal Imagery Institute - Career & Executive Coach
  • VP Sales Manager Financial Services
  • College Basketball Coach Asst., Jacksonville University
  • MAT - Masters in the Art of Teaching

  • *Additional information and CV available upon request.

  • Executive Coach

  • DISC Analyst

  • Professional Speaker