Team Passion

Team Passion

Your Passion Fuels Your Team’s Passion

By Corporate Coach, Michael Steele

As the leader of your team, how do you maximize their performance? In this day and age, it is important to not only think of end-result performance, but also of the improvement of skills, growth and enjoyment of your people, and the work environment you create. 

To increase your team’s passion, start by asking these questions:

  • What do I want from my team ? 
  • What are the strengths of each of my players?
  • Who can I count on in crunch tine?
  • Do I have my people positioned to succeed ?

Just like a coach of a winning basketball team, if my best player can both shoot and score, or direct the team and distribute the ball, and be the point guard, where do I do I play him and why?  First, I look at his strengths. I also look at where he is most comfortable on the court, and where his passion is. Then, looking at the bigger picture of the team, I assign him his spot. As the coach, I must always look out for what is best for the team as a whole, and that sometimes leads to unpopular decisions. When that happens, I make sure I sit down with my team member and explain why I placed him where I did. Communication between coach and player will create trust and allow the professionals in your organizations to believe in you and the “why” that you have shared with them.

As a leader, you look to understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses, how they communicate, and how best to communicate and motivate them. This is critical to the success of your team, as it leads to more team camaraderie and spirit, and naturally helps in the productivity factor. It also allows you, as the coach, to mentor, gain their trust, guide them, help them in their career path, and be seen as a true team leader and coach. Once you achieve this, you no longer have several individuals playing a game, you have a team that is working together on the goals that have been set and shared with them. This creates buy-in and passion, and leads to success for the team as a whole, and every person individually.

What are you doing to fuel your team’s passion?

Michael Steele has used his basketball coaching experience to create winning teams in business and finance. He offers a unique perspective to business leaders and team members looking for the “win.” Using scientifically proven assessments, Michael can help you and your business team reach your goals.

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