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What Happens When A Team Does Not Communicate?

What Happens When A Team Does Not Communicate?

What Happens When A Team Does Not Communicate?

By Corporate Coach, Michael Steele

What happens when a team does not communicate effectively? 

Weak communication leads to poor execution and productivity. Without clear and positive communication on a team or in the workplace, teammates will not be effective in maximizing their abilities or enjoying what they do each day. “Communication is the real work of leadership” says Nita Nohria, Dean of Harvard Business School. Think about a time at work when individuals were asked to take on some additional responsibilities and no one volunteered. Why would that be? Why? Most likely poor communication.

The NBA play-offs are happening right now. If LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers meets with head coach, his input is important – that goes without saying. But just as important is when the 10th man on the bench has a good idea and brings it to the Coach. Listening to each member of the team is as important as listening to the star. That is why the Cavaliers are once again competing  for the championship. Great teams are built on the trust and buy-in from all their people, top to bottom. When everyone feels they are truly part of the team and have input to the game or their workplace, they will go the extra mile.

If you study the top service organizations in corporate America today, Zappos, Amazon, Google, they all create their positive culture through great communication with their employees and their customers. “Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication,” says the head basketball coach of Duke, Coach Mike Kryzewski. The challenge to become better communicators is to truly listen first and gain trust of our team and teammates. It is after we truly listen and hear what is being shared, that we can become of service.

Are you willing to listen and lead? To be our best in business and life, communication should not be from the “me first” mentality. True leadership and a winning team listens, values the input of others, builds trust, and thrives from the strength of this trust.

Your challenge each day is to listen and then communicate, and you will help your team become a champion.


Michael Steele has used his basketball coaching experience to create winning teams in business and finance. He offers a unique perspective to business leaders and team members looking for the “win.” Click here for more info on Michael.

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